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Item Name: Smirk Attitudes A to Z (sale)(d)
Sub-Category: Leisure Arts
Item Number: LA4768
Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $9.00
[Buy It Now] Modern gal, it’s time to celebrate you, and your friends, too! These 52 cross stitch SmirkTM designs are perfect for expressing your favorite sweet and sassy attitudes. That’s because they’re based on two separate alphabets--one innocent and upbeat, the other geared for mischief! And each design fits inside a 5" x 7" frame or mat, making them a breeze to finish. Smirk is the invention of Australian artist Kyla May. Her stick-figure characters have become internationally known for their feminine wit and whimsy. So whether you stitch them for gifts or for your own enjoyment, you’ll find that Smirks are a fun way to share your outlook on life!


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